Our Fees

Our fees explained

Our initial consultation includes a full medical and dental history, an oral health check, cancer screening and a full examination inside the mouth and of the teeth and gums.

The cost for this appointment (45 minutes) is £87 only.

If you have a complex problem or TMD or Tourettes we require a longer appointment (60 minutes) at £184.

There after for dental treatment we charge £92 per quarter of an hour appointment.

Our hygienists charge £75 for an appointment.

For more information on our fees please feel free to call reception 01372 457959.

We accept Visa, Access, Mastercard and Switch.

Denplan Care

For a small monthly outlay Denplan enables you to have regular ongoing care and hygiene treatment. Accidental damage and world-wide emergency cover are also included. You do however have to be dentally fit to our high standards before we can offer this plan.

Read more about Denplan

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