What Our Clients Say

This is a unique dental practice. Andre is exceptionally kind, competent and thorough. From day 1, there has been complete transparency about the process (challenges/stages and prices). As a doctor suffering from TMJD, I’m so lucky to have been referred (whilst on holiday in South Africa).

Andre is renowned for his work in this field, utilises the latest advances for diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, his team have been remarkably friendly/competent. 10/10. Thanks again.

Best Dave

Dear Andre and Everyone at the Practice,

Thank you for always looking out for me and making me feel so comfortable when I come and see all of you for my appointments! I feel like trying this treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Roll on 2017 for even greater things.


Many thanks to Andre, Constance and all the team for being so kind and efficient when I pulled off the veneer on my front tooth. I am so grateful and cannot thank you all enough.

Best Wishes, Andrea

Dear Andre,

Just a note to say many thanks to you and Constance for fixing my front veneer so quickly and perfectly. I really did appreciate your kindness and efficiency, especially coming in on a Friday and by Saturday lunchtime the tooth had been fixed.I wanted to write to let you know how fortunate I feel to be a patient at your practice.


I have recently had an emergency crown replacement done with Constance. I wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Throughout she was professional, making me feel at ease and taking the time to ensure my comfort and understanding.


I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. I only started using my M.A.D appliance last Tuesday, the change in my sleeping is phenomenal, I feel ten years younger!

Thank you so much for your help. Please thank the rest of your team for me, everyone I have encountered has been exceptionally polite and helpful.

Best Wishes

Gary Hillock

It has made a huge difference to my facial structure, especially my profile. Another unexpected benefit is that I noticed that I am happier in general, but it wasn't just because of the improved look.

I asked myself why I was happier, and I realised it was simply because I was smiling more, much more.

D O'Neill

It's been a year!! since my last Botox Injections. I am very grateful for all the treatments I've had on the way and for the people who have helped me. I don't know what my future will be (who does) but right now I've got my life back... I am blessed.

Thank you Andre Hedger and everyone else who has helped me on my journey so far.



Thanks for the excellent job you have done with my son who as you know had really severe Tourettes. We are grateful to you. He is doing fine and almost cured and has the very occasional tic - slightly blinking one eye but very rare. Otherwise he is changing into a wonderful teenage boy.

B.P. Romania

I think your dental practice is a very special place and I would recommend it to anyone. I have visited no other practice where you are treated with such kindness and warmth. You have such a wonderful team working along side you and I would like to thank them all too.

I shall actually miss coming to see you regularly (Something I thought I would never say)!

The TMJ treatment has of course been most challenging and I would like to thank you for diagnosing and treating this problem. In addition, you have also referred me to other specialists to treat my dizziness and postural problems which have helped me a great deal. No one else over the years has even spotted these problems so I am extremely grateful. I feel that I have so much more energy now, my anxiety has decreased dramatically and I feel a very different person to the one you first saw a few years ago. I love the fact you treat the whole person rather than just their teeth.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, support and kindness over the last few years. As you know, I have been on quite a journey! When I first arrived my anxiety was such that I could barely sit in the dentist chair but after excellent hypnotherapy sessions, I gradually developed the confidence to have further treatment with you.

The best doctor ever. He is caring and doing his job perfectly. Not only as a dentist, he has a brilliant treatment for tourette's syndrome, with new effective solutions.

When I receive particularly good service, I believe in telling people about it.

Caroline has attended to me on two occasions, ably assisted by your dental nurses. Caroline explained clearly to me what she was proposing to do, by means of a diagram, and the effect, She was gentle with me.

I found the literature you gave me beforehand very useful , and Caroline working closely with the nurses, was extremely professional and efficient. I could see on completion of the procedure today the delicate equipment that had been used.

I recovered quickly on both occasions, with no after effects following the sound advice that Caroline gave me.

I came to André Hedger’s Practice on the 28/09/10 at 15 years old with severe Tourette’s Syndrome. I had been diagnosed approximately 4 months before and my symptoms included head jerking, involuntary body movements, shouting and swearing.

Since coming, my symptoms have dramatically reduced to nearly nothing. This happened in a matter of a couple of months. I have also been completely off anti-psychotic medication. I would highly recommend the treatment for anyone with similar symptoms/TMJ abnormalities.


I don’t know how to start thanking you and all your team for the expertise, kindness and welcome care that I have received from you these last eight months. Thank you for your concern and help with all my physical problems, not only for my teeth but my posture. I am so thrilled by the change to my appearance and strength is coming back to my voice.

Dear Andre and the team, Thank you very much for your hard work you and your team have put into my treatment. It has taken a while but I am very pleased with the end result, it has been life changing. I hope you are all as delighted with my smile as I am.


Just a note to offer my sincere thanks for your brilliant work yesterday in fixing my front tooth like new. The filling came out relatively early in my holiday in the Algarve but to be able to get an appointment the day after my return, for a chap like me that still works and travels widely, and for you to zip it all up perfectly in less than 20 minutes was just fantastic and I am absolutely delighted with the finished article.



As someone who already had badly receding gums, over many years with Andre's practice I have found his team of hygienists meticulous in their attention to all aspects of the gums and gum line health, and in advising me on how to maintain the improved condition. Despite the inevitable fragility of some areas of tooth and gum, I no longer have any sensitivity to liquids however hot or cold, or other discomfort.

Andre and Team, As I come to the conclusion of 3 and 1/2 years of orthodontic work for TMJ problems I wanted to commend you all for the wonderful treatment and service I have received during this time. You have all been equally courteous, respectful and understanding and utterly professional in the many dealings I have had with you. You are a first class team and a first class dental practice. I am very grateful to you, particularly Andre, for your skill and expertise which have corrected the problems of this debilitating condition. I now enjoy a quality of life which had been gradually slipping away from me. The pain in my face and neck has gone, my bite has improved dramatically and as an added bonus I have lovely straight teeth!


I visited Andre's practice about three years ago with a severe TMJ problem. I was in constant pain, lethargic all the time and I found it very hard to get up in the mornings, not great for a young 23 year old. After scans, reports and consultations I started an orthodontic treatment. My treatment programme was fully explained and based on me and the measurements and shape of my jaw and mouth. I new what to expect for the journey ahead of me. Throughout this time Andre and the team have been excellent, friendly and have listened to me as a patient. Andre has very specialist expertise on the the TMJ and doesn't just give me care advice for this joint, but my lifestyle including posture, health and nutrition. I have not quite finished treatment yet but I can honestly say Andre has changed my life. I have my spark back and I am starting to enjoy life again, this is priceless and why every penny I have spent has been worth it. I will continue to see Andre for check ups as you cant put a price on an excellent, trustworthy dentist.

Dear Andre,

Just wanted to write and thank you and your team for my successful treatment. I came to you about 3 years ago suffering from incredibly frequent migraines and neck and shoulder pain. My life had become very reduced as any over excursion would trigger a migraine. You diagnosed that I had TMJ dysfunction and then set me over a 2-3 year period on a course of orthodontic treatment and gradually my migraines became less and less frequent and less and less severe. I’ve also had the added bonus that I now have beautiful looking teeth that everyone keeps complementing me on. I am extremely grateful to you for helping me get my life back. Anyone suffering from migraines and have been diagnosed with TMJ Dysfunction I most strongly recommend pursuing this course of treatment...it works!

Best regards,


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done, all your help and care and concern and your patience. I am very happy with the outcome and really thank you for your expertise , knowledge and help .I feel happier, healthier and truly positive and I am sure this is due to the change in my jaw / mouth / teeth - now I can really fly and enjoy the rest of my life.


The Somnowell appliance fitted for my husband by Andre has been a great success. It enabled us to have a stress free holiday without the usual sleepless nights due to snoring and the resultant lack of energy. It is surprising and gratifying that such a simple appliance can make such a significant difference.

We were especially impressed by the prompt, professional and friendly service received from Andre Hedger and his team at the surgery. The investment in the device was significant, but worth every penny!!


I had a very severe dental phobia from a very bad childhood experience which meant I didn't go to a dentist for over thirty years, would have nothing to do with anyone in this trade and coped with severe pain rather than receive treatment.

Someone put me on to Andre in Bookham who had a reputation for looking after people with phobias and nervous people.

Andre doesn't use needles in his treatment which was the mainstay of my phobia having had one broken whilst in my gum. the man who did made the mistake of putting his fingers back in my mouth after he pulled the remains of the needle out so l bit him as hard as a 10 year old could!

Right from my first visit l was treated with kindness and sympathy and Andre and his staff were so kind and helpful to me which helped me relax enough for my first inspection in over thirty years. Andre has a way of relaxing you enabling him to work on you and for you to gain in confidence and watch the fear fade slowly away.

Andre's staff too have the same technique in helping you making the whole experience as stress free as possible.

The first visit was the most difficult but l can say now that yes l still get apprehensive about going which is perfectly healthy and normal but l have total confidence in Andre and his staff in the way they helped me overcome my phobia and fear. Having lived with it for so many years it's nice to lose it and all the baggage that goes with it.

My Sincerest thanks go to Andre and his very helpful and kind staff.

I have been a patient of Andre's for many years. I have always received great care, patience and understanding - plus brilliant dentistry.

I have been a patient of Andre for more than 20 years - during the last few years I developed a phobia about tumours. Coming to see him for my 6 monthly checks was becoming extremely difficult and making me very anxious. Andre was very understanding as he looks at 'the whole person' not just your teeth! Andre recommended a few sessions of hypnotherapy with him, which have been very successful and I have come to terms with my irrational behaviour.

Andre's excellent reputation goes far and wide. He has treated my children and is now doing orthodontic work on my granddaughter. She travels from Scotland for this as my daughter will not have anyone else treat her daughter.

Such is our confidence in Andre!

What an amazing difference! Thank you so much for your hard work and patience. My new teeth have had a massive impact on my confidence and I'm very grateful to you for that.

Mr. A Sussex

I am delighted with my new implant and thank you for all your excellent work and for your patience and kindness (and also that of the team) on the day of my operation. I am so pleased with the result and to have the gaps in my teeth replaced after a long while makes such a difference to confidence levels!

Mrs J.J. Great Bookham

I wish to thank you for all the kind help and gentle treatment I have received at your surgery from yourself and your staff. You have given me confidence and reassurance and have enabled me to smile!

Mrs. M from Sussex

My daughter is so pleased with the work she has had done - it has changed the way she smiles and made her feel more confident.

Mrs. H from Fetcham

We are extremely pleased with our son's orthodontic treatment. Alex was not keen to have any braces at 14 but now at 17 he's absolutely delighted with his smile!

Mr.A.R. from Farnham

I came to Dr. Hedger with headaches, low energy and tension in the head. Since his treatment all these symptoms have virtually disappeared. I cannot recommend Andre's work highly enough.

Mr. P. T from East Sheen

I normally have problems after dental treatment, but have had none with your practice. Andre's work is amazing and he obviously has that magic touch!

Dr. M.S. from Harley Street

I am delighted to be able to tell you that the hypnosis really did work! I had X-Rays all round last week and I also managed to get myself into a very relaxed state with the self hypnosis. My dentist Dr. C was very impressed!!!

Mrs.P.S from Woking

I would like to thank you for the care, attention and professional way you have worked on my teeth.

Mr.P.M from Cobham

The upper denture is excellent - tight and comfortable - I look forward to the bottom denture being as good! Can you cure lumbago too?

Mr.C.T from Esher

Since I have been back in Japan I have done nothing but praise my experiences in your Surgery.

Mr.D.G from Tokyo

I really appreciate being able to count you all at the surgery as my friends - some might say a rather unusual relationship to have between a Dental Practice and one of its patients, but so it is.

Mr.J.T from Fetcham

Thank you for all your time, hard work and patience you spent working on my teeth. I am really pleased now with the way I look and I feel much more confident.

Mrs. T. from Farnham

Thank you for your kindness and courtesy in explaining to me in greater detail than my own dentist what was happening to my dentures.

Mr. W. F. from USA

Thank you so much for taking me on as a patient, I am so grateful for your kindness and expertise.

Mr. S from Southampton

Thank you for my smile.

Miss K.P

This is a thank you to you and all 'team members' because I am so pleased with my front teeth. They really do look better than I can remember and I so appreciate the professionalism and care of you all.

Mrs. H. Epsom

This is to thank you for all the good advice and reassurance you gave me when I saw you yesterday -ostensibly to just get my teeth checked! You are so much more than just a dentist!

Mrs. S. from Woking

I would like to say thank you for my dental treatment and understanding on your part for someone like myself who worries so much and is so nervous. What is obviously an awkward procedure was made easier for me by your care.

Mrs. H. from Fetcham

Thanks for the enduring patience. I am grateful for at last finding you all and feeling safe.

Mrs. C. from Dorking

Fully private dental practice for over 30 years!