Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s often said that your smile enters the room before you.

Make sure your smile is one that brightens every room you enter.

Our Cosmetic Dental treatments enhance your natural teeth.

Make Your Teeth Dazzle

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, Excellence in Dentistry can turn it around, make you more confident and give you a smile to be proud of.

  • We can easily straighten crowded or crooked teeth, no matter your age
  • Your teeth can be polished and brightened if they’ve suffered from a lifetime of staining
  • Fillings can be made to “disappear” using tooth coloured restorations - no more black or unsightly fillings
  • Use veneers to cover imperfect or damaged teeth - the thin layer of porcelain makes your smile as good as new
  • We can fill gaps and missing teeth using bridges, implants or dentures, give you a complete and full looking smile.

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If you have a problem and sometimes feel afraid to smile with confidence then please tell us and we will create the look you have always wished for.

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