A visit to our hygienists will bring a sparkle back to your smile.

Whether it's brightening your smile with an in-depth scale and polish, helping improve oral hygiene or bad breath, our hygienists will leave your mouth feeling fresh, clean and brighter. They will give you great tips and advice on how to keep your gums healthy and your smile shining!

Our in-house hygienists are here to provide an unparalleled level of service to help you keep your teeth clean for life.

Give Your Teeth a Spring Clean

90% of the population suffer from some form of gum disease and if not taken care of, is the most common cause of early tooth loss or extraction.

A regular visit to the hygienist not only can bring a sparkle back to your smile, but can help maintain the health of your mouth, no matter if you're suffering from bleeding gums, gum recession or simple bad breath.

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Don’t let your teeth let you down, book a hygienist visit and put the sparkle back.

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