MMD Tics & Tourettes

Tourettes starts in childhood usually between 5 to 8 yrs old. It is more common in boys. It is characterised by tics, which are a repetitive movement or sound that are not rhythmical or controllable by the patient. Tics can be blinking, coughing, sniffing, shoulder shrugging, neck stretching and throat clearing.

For a century and a half Tourettes Syndrome has been a mystery to the medical profession with physicians believing it was a psychological disorder and then a neurological brain disorder and then an infectious disease caused by streptococcus. What was never considered is that this could be caused by a structural deformity, which would manifest itself as a neurological problem.

There is some very new and exciting research to show that by altering the dynamics of the bite, many of the symptoms of Tourettes can go. Please refer to this PDF file for more information.

Here at our practice we have been following and using the same techniques as Dr. Stack and Dr Simms on a number of Tourettes patients with considerable success. One of our patients featured in the ITV documentary ‘My Childs not Perfect’ where it clearly showed the symptoms he had before treatment.

His symptoms have been reduced to nearly none and is off all the medication he was on.


"I came to André Hedger’s Practice on the 28/09/10 at 15 years old with severe Tourette’s Syndrome. I had been diagnosed approximately 4 months before and my symptoms included head jerking, involuntary body movements, shouting and swearing. Since coming, my symptoms have dramatically reduced to nearly nothing. This happened in a matter of a couple of months. I have also been completely off anti-psychotic medication. I would highly recommend the treatment for anyone with similar symptoms/TMJ abnormalities."


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