New Innovations

At the practice, we have systems available that make a trip to the dentist virtually pain-free. Technology from America means that we now have a machine called the ‘Wand’, which delivers local anaesthetic at a very slow rate so that any discomfort is kept to a minimum. In fact most patients say that they never feel a thing!

For drill free fillings we have the CrystalAir system, which works by combining a quiet, jet of air with micro abrasive powder. The tiny particles travel at great speed and when they hit a hard surface they erode it. The patient feels no vibration or sensation of heat. Although Air Abrasion does not replace the drill in every instance it is an ideal technology to repair teeth that have early or superficial decay.

Due to our ability to prepare teeth without a needle, drill, noise or pain we are changing the image of dentistry forever.

New innovations Dentistry

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